Electric vs. Manual Pallet Jack

A Pallet jack is an essential part of business, and they are used to move materials around a building or warehouse. There are several models that are on the market, and there is a difference between an electric pallet jack and a manual pallet jack. Both of these are viable options for a range of uses, and each has its own pros and cons. Weight requirements vary with particular models, and it is essential that the proper machine is rated for the load it carries.Pallet Jack 2 199x300 Electric vs. Manual Pallet Jack

An electric pallet jack relies on a battery or other source of electricity to provide the power that is needed to raise and lower products and to move them around the facility. Most of these products are driven by a battery that can be charged via an electrical outlet. Weight ratings are variable, and most of these machines can easily lift over 2,000 pounds safely. The electric power also makes moving heavy loads easy, and they usually travel at several miles per hour. Controls are located on the handle and enable the operator to easily move the machine around a warehouse or other type of facility. These are an economical way to easily move the heavy pallets that are used in most industries. The benefits of an electric pallet jack are that it enables anyone to easily move heavy materials. The cons of these machines are that they are heavier than other models, they are more expensive, and the battery needs to be charged. This type of machine also takes up more room than other options, and they may not be able to move around the tight spaces that are encountered in warehouses and manufacturing facilities as well as another type of pallet jack.

A manual pallet jack is another option, and there are a variety of these on the market. Weight ratings are variable, and it is essential that buyers purchase the product that is best for their uses. A hydraulic lever easily lifts the heaviest pallets, but the machine relies on human power to move the object around a facility. This is not that much of issue, as manual pallet jacks includes wheels that facilitate travel. These machines are cheaper than other products, and that is one of the chief draws that make them appeal to buyers. They also have minimal maintenance requirements, as there is no battery or other form of energy that the machine requires. They are also smaller and easier to maneuver than comparable machines that include an electric motor. This makes them ideal to move goods around a warehouse that provides a limited amount of room for mobility.

A pallet jack is essential to move heavy loads around a warehouse or manufacturing facility, and buyers are faced with several choices. A manual pallet jack is an economical option, and it provides buyers with a number of benefits. They are light and easy to move about, and they also are able to lift heavy loads. Most of them are rated to lift a minimum of 2,000 pounds. An electric pallet jack is another choice, and they are a good option because they have a battery that ensures the machine will do all of the work. The bad things about these lifts are that they need to be plugged in overnight, and they take up more room than other options.

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